Money Back Guarantee

We guarantee you will get back the tuition fee associated with unused hours for any reason, whether you want to shorten the hours or stop learning permanently.

We understand that no matter how determined you are to learn the language, the consistency of your study might be compromised due to family, illness, work, travel, relocation, etc. Now you don’t have to be worried about money when you cannot commit to your lessons anymore at some point. We guarantee the tuition fee associated with remaining hours will be refunded for any reason, as long as you notify us within service time (1 year).

1 10% processing charge on returning tuition fee will be deducted to cover our administrative costs.
2 Request made in written form to moneyback@ShanghaiTutors.Com within service time (1 year).
3 The refund will be made in 20 working days after the request.
4 Refund does not apply to the event that the learner has previously breached the contract or engaged in illegal or improper behavior, language.
5 Resuming lessons with the same tutor without giving us notice will invalidate Money Back Guarantee.
6 The refund will automatically terminate the 1-year service while the one-time service fee is not refundable under any circumstance.

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