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1-1 private tutoring, without a doubt, is an appealing and effective alternative to traditional classroom based study. It is more flexible and efficient by giving you complete control over what you learn, when you learn and how you learn the language. Linguistic research shows 1-1 tutoring saves learners 70% of the time that otherwise they would spend on group lessons, to achieve the same result.

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Only the best tutors are included in the ShanghaiTutors community. We don't make exceptions or compromises; each tutor goes through credentials verification (ID, diploma, certificates), resume evaluation, past students’ references and finally an interview screening process and meets our criteria. We follow up in terms of quality and progress in tutoring, and provide continuous support throughout, so that we can always propose of good deal of quality and assurance to our clients. Furthermore, you are entitled to change tutor as you wish, with no time limits. Your tuition fee is guaranteed refundable for any reason as long as you notify us, whether you want to shorten the hours or stop learning totally.


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