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Zhang Wei (Bob Zhang)“Daily Conversation and Chinese Culture" A | Code: 5001
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“ I am currently taking TCSL (Teaching Chinese as Second Language) course. I have been helping foreign students with Mandarin learning on informal basis regularly and now taking teaching to the next level. ”

  Zhang Wei 
Age: 18-20 Residence: Gusu, Suzhou Special Features:
Education: University Major: English
Degree: Bachelor (pursuing) Profession: College student
Languages: Chinese, English Certificates:
Experience: Less than 1 year Hourly Rate: 70RMB
Teaching Preference







I am passionate about teaching mandarin, regardless of age, education or background. I have been teaching and tutoring English for 2 years. I have taught everyone from adults to children. Now I am looking forward to teaching Mandarin. I am available to teach foreign students the lessons including pinyin, Chinese characters, daily Chinese, Chinese culture, etc.

I am currently taking TCSL (Teaching Chinese as Second Language) course. I have been helping with international students in universities with Mandarin learning on informal basis regularly.


You pay tuition fee based on total hours plus a one-time service fee.

Students No. 1 student 2 students 3 students 4 students 5+ students
Standard Hourly Fee* 70RMB 70RMB+30% 70RMB+60% 70RMB+100% Negotiable

You don't pay anything unless you find a good fit!
1. *Above rates are based on 2+ hours teaching per time. If you study ﹤2 hours per time, expect 20%-50% raise in rates or consider on-line tutoring.
2. Final prices might vary according to tutor's popularity, commuting distance, time and frequency of lessons (within ± 20% range). Confirmation shall be given after booking.
3. If you prefer to study in a group instead of 1-1, you need to find other students and form the group on your own.
One-time Service Fee:
400rmb for 1-1 private tuition regardless of tutoring length. If you study in a group, there will be 200rmb surcharge on service fee for each additional student studying in the group. Textbook, if used, is to be paid separately by actual price of the book. What service do I get?
Min. Hours:
Minimum 40 tutoring hours are required to process any booking.

The tutor is available on above tentative schedule in 2018. Confirmation shall be given after booking.
Zhang Wei (Bob Zhang)
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Code: 5001
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