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Ren Yuan (York Ren)“Serious, responsible, innovative teacher" AA | Code: 1316
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“He is a strict teacher I must admit but that's what I need to push me further and achieve my goals. If anyone is considering private Mandarin tuition, I would certainly give a 'thumbs up' for York.”

  Maya D, Mexico 
Age: 26-35 Residence: Jing'an, Shanghai Special Features:
Education: University Major: International Economy Have worked as Mandarin tutor for more than 4 years for Asian, Western students.
Degree: Master Profession: Mandarin teacher
Languages: Chinese, English (fluent) Certificates: Teacher Certificate
Experience: 4+ years Avg. Hourly Rate: 160rmb
Teaching Preference







I am a Shanghai native. My major is international economy and I am quite familiar with foreigne economy, culture.
I am
1 Certificated teacher for Chinese teaching
2 experienced
3 Serious about teaching

Have working experience (4 years) in teaching foreign students even started from total beginners not only from ASIA area but also American and European countries, serious and kind in teaching style, good at using multiple teaching skills and methods, familiar with the culture difference, have the ability to make tailored plan according to individual needs.


You pay tuition based on how many hours you book (minimum 40 at a time) plus a fixed one-time service fee.

Students No. 1 student 2 students 3 students 4 students
40 Hour Tuition (approx.) 6400rmb +30% +60% +100%
+ Hours (approx.) 160rmb +30% +60% +100%
One-time Sevice Fee 400rmb 600rmb 800rmb 1000rmb

You don't pay anything unless you find a good fit!

1. The above rates are based on 2+ hours of teaching per time. If you study ﹤2 hours per time, expect a 25%-50% raise in rates or consider on-line tutoring.
2. Final prices might vary according to the tutor's popularity, commuting distance, time and frequency of lessons (within ± 20% range). Confirmation shall be given after booking.
3. If you prefer to study in a group instead of 1-1, you need to find other students and form the group on your own.
One-time Service Fee:
400rmb for 1-1 private tuition regardless of tutoring length. If you study in a group, there will be a 200rmb surcharge on service fee for each additional student studying in the group. Textbook, if used, is to be paid separately by the actual price of the book. What service do I get?
Min. Hours:
Minimum 40 tutoring hours are required for us to process any booking.

The tutor is available on above tentative schedule. Confirmation shall be given after booking.
Ren Yuan (York Ren)
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Code: 1316
Reviews on Ren Yuan (York Ren) | Code: 1316
Maya D-Mexico

He is a strict teacher I must admit but that's what I need to push me further and achieve my goals. If anyone is considering private Mandarin tuition, I would certainly give a 'thumbs up' for York.

Nancy C-Poland

Great tutor. My only regret is that I didn't find him earlier in the year. I feel I learned more in two hours than in a month at school.

Farah M-Saudi Arabia

He is a wonderful tutor, and a great person. I am learning, and enjoying the lessons. I wish I found him earlier.

Moses D-USA

I intend to continue for more lessons with York, because he is very pleasant to work with. I started with some very specific phrases I wanted to perfect for giving simple interviews at my job, and he was very nice about helping me meet this limited objective. While doing this I could see that he really likes the Chinese language and could teach me a lot.

Bianca T-Italy

He is a very professional tutor and very kind. Complicated Chinese grammar was difficult for me to understand but his explanation of grammar is easy to understand. I would recommend his lessons.