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AAA | Code: 1714 Wang Zheng (Charles Wang) “Friendly, patient, flexible and fun"
Age 26-35
Residence Pudong, Shanghai
Major Philosophy (Master)
Profession Middle school teacher
Category Star
Experience 6 years
Hourly Rate 170RMB
A | Code: 1015 Zhuang Jing (Jill Zhuang) “Conversation Chinese, law Chinese, business Chinese"
Age 18-20
Residence Baoshan, Shanghai
Major Economic Laws (bachelor)
Profession College student
Category Amateur/novice
Experience Minimal
Hourly Rate 110RMB
AA | Code: 1353 Sun Yahong (Sylvia Sun) “Specialized in teaching Chinese to teenagers"
Age 46+
Residence Pudong, Shanghai
Major English literature (master)
Profession Mandarin/English teacher
Languages English, Chinese
Experience 3 years
Hourly Rate 130RMB
AA | Code: 1354 Huang Wenye (Vivian Huang) “3 years experience with iMandarin"
Age 35-46
Residence Huangpu, Shanghai
Major International Business
Profession Mandarin teacher
Languages English, Chinese
Experience 3 years
Hourly Rate 140RMB
AA | Code: 1355 Lu Qianyu (Dora Lu) “1 year Chinese teaching experience in Athens"
Age 26-35
Residence Yangpu, Shanghai
Major Applied Linguistics (Master)
Profession Graduate Student/Mandarin teacher
Languages English, Chinese
Experience 3 years
Hourly Rate 140RMB
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AA | Code: 1356 Pei Yin (Teresa Pei) “Prepared, punctual, informative"
Age 26-35
Residence Qingpu, Shanghai
Major English Language and Literature (Bachelor)
Profession Language teacher
Languages English, Chinese
Experience 4 years
Hourly Rate 150RMB


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